Welcome  to  Freedom  River  Outreach

We exist as a church to take Jesus' ministry to the streets of Tacoma. We are excited about what we are learning along the way! Come and find out what a 'Isaiah 58:6 church with a Luke 4:18-19 anointing is about!



This week at FRO:

MONDAY August 18th

Men's Bible Study 6:30pm

TUESDAY August 19th

Prayer 11:00am

PB&J Ministry  1:30pm

WEDNESDAY  August 20th

 Mid Week Worship Service

THURSDAY August 21st

Prayer 9:00am

Food Bank 1:00pm to 3:00pm

FRIDAY August 22nd

Backpack Volunteer Rally at PSCC 7:00pm


SATURDAY August 23rd

Backpack Outreach 10:00am to 2:00pm

PB&J Ministry  1:00pm

SUNDAY August 24th

Pre-Service Prayer 11:00am  

Worship Service 1:00pm